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I haven't realized how long it's been since I posted on here. A lot has happened since then and being able to look back and to see where I am today, it's awesome.

So I actually stepped out of the hater realm of the brony fandom and became a brony myself. Despite what anypony says badly about the bronies and pegasisters out there, I tend not to let them get to me. It was honestly the best move I made to actually better my life. Since after my divorce and several other failed relationships because of abusive women (yeah ladies, not all of us guys are to blame), I became bitter and hateful towards everything, but after some awesome ponies got me in to watching the show, seeing all the fan art, listening to the fan made music, and generally getting to know other bronies and pegasisters, it changed me for the better. It also has helped me strengthen my my Wiccan/Buddhist faith to be kinder to others no matter how cruel others may be.

College has not been going easy, however. The first college I went to was forced to drop all financial aid so I had to leave that school even though I was avaraging a astounding 94% (higher grades than high school!) and was very happy with that school in general, The second college I went to, I got fucked over by 1 teacher who FAILED to apply mine and many other peoples grades in, so I was booted from that school. The last college I went to had a really nice start, yet semesters 2 and 3 were filled with nothing but instructors who did not give a SHIT about trying to help somepony that needed it, they changed things so much or plain out made things confusing. For 2 straight semesters, I took the same classes only to have the same result. Honestly, why the FUCK don't colleges listen to students when we go to them for complaints against the instructors who fail to teach us the material that we are supposed to learn and fail to help us in a timely manner when the help is requested. I feel bad that others that I had previous class with had to take the same class over because of the same result that I also had to deal with. Hopefully the next college I go to will be far better...

I have been messing with music again, however my laptops main hard drive started making funny noises and I ultimately lost any samples that I was making.

To those that read this post, I wish you the best and much good luck!

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