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What can I say?! It's been nearly 10 years... a decade since my last update post, not that anyone would read this or any previous ones, but whew. Obviously I'm not on here very much anymore, well, at all, but having joined back in 05 in my humble early 20's to being nearly 40 now, time sure has changed. Not exactly the kind of life I wanted to live, but when wrenches are thrown into the clockworks, sometimes you just have to adjust things to where everything "just works" well enough that you can still live a decently comfortable life even when things aren't going your way. Newgrounds, honestly, I'm glad to see still hang around, a real testament to the ebb and flow of time. I haven't really messed around on here for such a long time now that I kinda forgot that this site existed except by mere passing of others on Twitter/X, furaffinity, and some other social sites that I'm not exactly on much anymore either. I... guess I work too much or something. The only socialization I really ever do anymore is either at work or on Discord, even that's far and few between. Pretty much just gaming, working, or sleeping these days. Nothing much really has changed on my part overall, other than not really having anything to do with the brony community for some years now, especially after all the toxicity started to happen towards the end of the run of gen 4, not really doing much in the furry community either. Really just watching stuff on Crunchyroll here and there and just doing the daily grind. All in all, I wish anyone who stumbles across this post well and have a peace filled and relaxed day.