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i am giving this a 3.5 stars for the fact its a test. its not a bad animation but more sound effects could of been used, especially when the lightning charge was building. unfortunately i do not see this making it to the portal as many will vote 0 on it, but continue to use this method to make anti-sonic videos. maybe change things up a bit in different videos. just dont let the transformation take too long and use repetitive audio. you will lose your audience quickly.

normally i wouldnt get involved on religious entries but looking at the storyline, artwork, syncronization, and overall, this is a pretty good film. keep it up 5/5

ABSOLUTELY EPIC!!! 5 stars. this DESERVES to be on the portal!

CentreofGravityfilms responds:

:) wow thanks a ton!! I do hope many more will see this film!

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xD i can't wait for MSA 3! This series is way too good!

XD MLP + Secret Of Mana: Mana Dragon Boss Fight and sprites NICE!!!! super deds for mixing the 2 and great game play on top of that!!!

Honestly, for using music from newgrounds, at least the game could have some sort of royalty on here. maybe a full level or 2. Sure a short demo is OKAY, but, for someone to really be interested in getting the game, it should at least have a full level demo. And yes, a flash version or even a download version for those who enjoy gaming on their PC's/MAC's should be made available for those who choose to purchase the game.

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love it!

great beats and rhythm to it!!! should be in a game on here honestly!!!

i knew...

that this would be great before i even listened to it, great job!

nal1200 responds:

Lol thanks!

this is really good

keep up the great work. reminds me of Time to Say Goodbye by DJ Mystik. keep up the great work!

dj-Nate responds:

Thanks man! And as for the bassline issue, I'm sorry. It's just the way the original song turned out to be.

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a wonderful state of mind

looks very relaxing like you were sitting near a beach with all the wonderful scenery so close. very great job!

Thanks for checking my page out.

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