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i am giving this a 3.5 stars for the fact its a test. its not a bad animation but more sound effects could of been used, especially when the lightning charge was building. unfortunately i do not see this making it to the portal as many will vote 0 on it, but continue to use this method to make anti-sonic videos. maybe change things up a bit in different videos. just dont let the transformation take too long and use repetitive audio. you will lose your audience quickly.

normally i wouldnt get involved on religious entries but looking at the storyline, artwork, syncronization, and overall, this is a pretty good film. keep it up 5/5

ABSOLUTELY EPIC!!! 5 stars. this DESERVES to be on the portal!

CentreofGravityfilms responds:

:) wow thanks a ton!! I do hope many more will see this film!

love it love it love it.

good deal on the animation. was caught by surprise when i clicked the up arrow. i honestly thought it was just a boat floating in water till i hit that button. this has the makings of a game or movie in the future. on to the vitals. the animations are very smooth as for the same with the camera work. the sound IS repetitive, but for this, its perfectly okay. id like to see more. keep it up.

from the best PC based series ever

good way to describe what goes on between the end of one and the beginning of another. makes me want to install and play doom now... thanks man, tis is awesome! it brings back memories of the first game to rewrite 3D history!

LilDwarf responds:

Haha thanks alot buddy! Brings back the memories from the golden days, doesn't it? ;)

sync issue remains

lol, i laughed and sung along with this but i do agree, after the first several loops, the sync issue comes back. awesome work thou

thats moving

i feel bad for that kitten and all kittens without homes. my g/f is a major cat lover and she would cry and try to get the cat if she seen one all lonely, lost and hungry :( poor cats and kittens...

DAIRYDOG responds:


completely awesome

everything being hand drawn makes this unique and the music selections were very good. hope to see overtime soon!

agreeing with the rest...

this animation is simply amazing. it is a series all in its own. i hope sonic halo 2 will be released soon to shed more light on us of what is happening. violence and humor do not apply because there is no humor nor violence in this animation

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