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New Music???

Posted by hellsmaw18 - March 27th, 2008

well, id love to make new music, but my time is very narrow and it doesnt help that i dont have my computer to compose with. right now im just taking a little time off to get a decent job atleast. besides, the midi controller i am wanting to purchase will cost me atleast 400 dollars, and i really should start making my own instead of using loops all the time. i know ill make another song when i get my computer back using some of my current loops and new ones if i can find them, but in the mean time, looking for a job is more important than anything right now. ill try and dig up some stuff when i get a chance, but i cant make any promises that i will make anything in the next several months. the reason why i dont have my computer is because i am working on a friends computer and im letting him borrow mine for a while till he gets a new one. so in the mean time, i just spend time in the audio forums, playing my various pinball games on here, looking for work, and other stuff. i know the last stuff i submitted was crap in some peoples opinions, but hey, i was rushing it and wanted to try some trance instead of techno all the time. ill try and put up a new one sometime, cant say when, but ill atleast try. have hope in me and pray that i can get a job and maybe ill bust out something better than before. thanks :)


can you make "are friends electric"?

why in the hell would i want to do that. it says in plain english IM NOT MAKING MUSIC FOR A WHILE. just get a psp and NFS Carbon OTC and listen to it that way.