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Posted by hellsmaw18 - July 23rd, 2008

well, its been 2 months now and the landlords decided to put a for sale sign on the house. i have to be out by August 11th of 2008 and will lose internet for a short time. this comes as a tragedy to me as the landlords have no respect for me at all and only give a damn about themselves and no one elses. before i moved in, they have said that they painted when that is a clear lie and said that they would come back to fix some things is also a clear lie. they have talked behind my back asking my roommate if i am mentally slow or retarded meaning more disrepect to me than before. i knew i couldnt trust the old fuckers and now they have drawn the line to lawsuit and possible jail time and loss of property to themselves. they are screwed if they dont give me back my deposit.

as noted about the landlords that they have disrespected me, a new female co-worker has done drawn and crossed a line with me and is looking at possible termination because of her verbal harassment actions against me as well with other stuff with the bitch that can get her and another co-worker fired because of their actions at work.

by big blue girl is doing fine, just needing to get some transmission fluid for it so i can start to drive her again. shes been sitting over at one of my friends houses to get the repair done and i just need the fluid so we can start with her.

him and his girl are getting close to getting kicked out if they dont start taking care of shit that they do here. fuckin leaving food lay around, open cans of pop all over, not putting shit away and tons of other shit is pissing me off to the point that they wont be around much longer if they keep it up.

talk about disrespect in the first degree. forcing companies to give them personal information about thier users and so on is pissing tons of people off that even go by the law. whatever happened to the amendments?? all they are doing is taking away our freedoms that were given to us by our four fathers in the beginning of the USA's life!! there is no democracy anymore with all these damn piece of shit republicans trying to take over the world and good for nothing democrats not doing a damn thing to stop the republicans! when will America become free of high gas prices, ultra high unemployment rates, our military fighters and civilians being out on the streets because of these hipocritical slum running banks, and be free to do what we want to again without purgery and discrimination by our so called "leaders"? my fellows over at axisofjustice.org are fed up with the way that the government is treating us and actively take a stand to fight for whats right in this world!
in closing, i suggest that everyone who reads this go over to youtube and watch red sector a by rush. how common...


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